Indoor Boat Storage in Glen Burnie, Maryland

A pile of boats stored in an indoor boat storage.

You care about your boat, so it’s important that you leave it in a safe marina. If you’re living in Glen Burnie, MD, or you’re visiting the area, then you might be wondering “Where is there any indoor boat storage near me?” The good news is that you don’t have to search “Where are the best indoor boat storage units near me?” anymore. We are going to introduce you to the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard, which is the perfect place for boat lovers to dock their boats.

Whether you’ve been boating for decades or you’re just getting into the hobby, you will be impressed by the amenities we have at our yacht yard. If you’re eager to learn more about what we have to offer at the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard, and if you’re curious to learn more about why indoor docking is so important, read on. By the end, you’ll be ready to make a reservation at our beloved Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard.

What Makes Indoor Docking Great?

Before we talk more about the specific amenities offered at the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard, it’s important that we go into detail about why indoor docking is the ideal way to store your boat. There are many reasons why you’d want to dock your boat inside. Here are a few:

  • You Can Easily Protect Boat from the Sun: When it comes down to it, UV rays can be harmful to boats, especially if they’re sitting in the sun for long periods of time.
  • Water Damage Won’t Be an Issue: When boats are outside and rained on, you run the risk of your boat getting damaged from the rainwater. Of course, if it snows in the wintertime, this is even more of a nuisance if you’re docking outside—so indoor docking also avoids snow accumulation.
  • Other Elements Won’t Damage Your Boat: As you might expect, when your boat is outside you risk birds and other animals leaving feces on it, and you also risk pollen, leaves, and other outdoor elements dirtying up your boat. Indoor docking leaves your boat pristine and clean.
  • Animals Can’t Break in: While a squirrel or a chipmunk might look cute, we don’t want these animals entering our boat and chewing up an important wire. Animals will have a harder time breaking into your boat if it is docked indoors, which is great for you as a boat owner.

Different boats are stored in an indoor boat storage.

What Kind of Boat Storage Is Available?

If you’re someone who loves outdoor boat storage, there is an option to dock your boat outside at the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard. That said, there are also indoor boat storage options available to you at the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard, so if this is compelling to you after learning about indoor docking, you can dock your boat inside. In terms of the logistics of the indoor dock, here is some information you should know:

  • There are 180 boatel/wet slips on site.
  • Over 1000 people have docked their boats here and had a positive experience.
  • You can dock a boat up to 80 feet.
  • There is no maximum height, as there is a drawbridge nearby.
  • The max draft size is 12 feet, and the max beam size is 25 feet.

What Amenities Are Available to Boaters?

At Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard, there are several amenities available to people using our docks. Let’s go into more detail about what compelling features are available to boaters at the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard:

  • Convenient Location: Located right off the Patapsco River in the town of Glen Burnie, you won’t be able to find a better location if you’re traveling near Maryland. Our boaters love pulling into our marina, and it’s a hassle-free experience to do so, too!
  • There Are Laundry Facilities, Showers, and Bathrooms: After a long day, or multiple days, of boating, you want to be able to clean off and recharge. For your convenience, there are several private bathrooms that are equipped with their own showers. In addition, there are laundry facilities on-site, so that you can take care of your laundry with ease.
  • You Can Visit Our Restaurant: If you’re hungry after boating, you might want to get a bite to eat. If this is the case, you can visit the restaurant on-site, which is called the Broken Oar Bar and Grill. Whether you stop by for a tasty Broken Oar Burger or you try a delicious Steak and Shrimp Wrap, you’ll have satisfaction with the incredible dishes at the Broken Oar Bar and Grill.
  • Our Docks Are Floating: There is nothing worse than arriving at a marina only to find that the docks are not floating. There is no need to worry, though, because at the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard, our docks are floating, making it a stress-free experience to dock your boat.
  • Wi-Fi is available to Boaters: You never know when you’re going to have to search for something online or send an important text message. So, to make things easier for you, our marina has reliable and fast Wi-Fi that is available to boaters.
  • Mechanic Is on-Call: You also never know when you are going to experience a mechanical issue with your boat, and when something like this happens, you want to be able to fix the problem seamlessly and quickly. With there being a state-of-the-art mechanic right at the marina, you can troubleshoot any issues with your boat without having to wait.

For a Seamless Boating Experience, Choose Indoor Docking

We have discussed all the reasons why indoor docking can be superior to outdoor docking, and we have gone over some information about what makes the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Club great. Now that you know why docking your boat indoors at Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Club is so important—and you don’t have to search “Where are the best indoor boat storage units near me?” anymore—it’s time to make a reservation yourself. If you want more information about our availability, contact us.

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