Tips for Outdoor Boat Storage During the Winter

Outdoor Boat Storage

It is that time of the year again when you prepare your boat for winter and stow it away till the next sailing season. When your boat is stored with adequate care, you don’t have to spend much time getting it ready to hit the water again. If you are looking for tips for outdoor boat storage this winter, the following tips will come in handy.

Have you read the manual?

Before you get started to store your boat make sure that you have read the manual that came with your boat. Every boat model may differ a bit, so it is important you are aware of the manufacturer’s recommendations about what is best for your boat – right from the cleaning fluids, oil, anti-freeze solutions, etc.

Remove the battery

It is very important to unplug the battery and remove it from the boat. If you leave the battery on the boat while it is in winter storage, it will be dead by the next sailing season. Keep the battery indoors and keep it charged well for use in spring again.

Check the boat properly for any repair work

Clean the boat exterior thoroughly. As you clean it, examine the outside of the boat properly for cracks, tears, and blisters and address them appropriately. It is important to carry out any repair needed before you store the boat. If you are going to store the boat outside in winter, wax the hull properly for extra protection. 

Drain off the excess water

Drain all the excess water off the boat. Any water that is trapped in the boat motor will freeze in winter and will damage the boat. Unfortunately, such damage is not covered by insurance. If you are not sure about all the steps required to properly winterize your boat, you can seek professional help.

Remove all loose items and electronic gear

Remove loose things like leather, fabrics, etc., from the boat and store them in a suitable place at your home. Unplug all the loose electronic items, fishing gears, etc., from the boat as they can get damaged in extreme weather conditions.

Fill the tank

Drain the oil while the engine is warm and flush out any grime and sludge. Change the filter and replace the oil. Flush your coolant system completely and, fill it with manufacturer-recommended antifreeze.

Cover your boat

A proper fitting cover should be used to cover the boat to keep the dust, moisture, and dirt off the boat. For storing it away during the winter keep the boat off the ground. Use keel stands or strong wooden blocks to keep the propellers and rudders off the ground. Make sure that the boat is properly sheltered from storms and strong winds.

Storing the boat winter outdoors and keeping it well maintained is a big task. So, you should keep checking it from time to time for any sign of damage. If you want to do away with the stress of the whole process, you can check out dry boat storage in a marina near you.

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