60+ Years of Experience

Marina Management and Consulting

Founded in 1955, the company has been involved in excess of $2 billion of real estate transactions. Our maritime experience dates back to the late 1960’s in Annapolis with continuous operation and involvement ever since.

With consistent management and oversight, we will maximize your property’s potential. As a busy investor or developer, let us ensure every last management facet is managed with your maritime property. Most importantly: we work on improving the profitability of your marina, as well as delivering an unforgettable boating experience to your customers.

Whether you need help with project inception, construction, or even the post-development partnership and sales questions, our consulting team is equipped to guide you through every part of the marine development and management process.

60+ Years of Experience

Marina Management

Effective management and facilities operation have become the foundation of our marinas. Our management team has identified key areas and success-proven formulas for each requirement. Our developed, dedicated programs and systems are tuned for success, after years of improving best practices. Every marina is equipped with the resources of our onsite and corporate team, focused on supporting clients through daily operations and unforeseen challenges. Our expertly trained staff is able to provide expertise in all marina operations situations, accounting and reporting, human resources, environmental concerns, risk management, workplace safety, marketing, advertising, and customer service support.

  • Marinas
  • Single-source ownership
  • Condominium ownership
  • Yacht yards
  • Commercial Properties
  • Office & Service
  • Restaurant & Retail
  • Court-appointed receivers
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60+ Years of Experience

Marina Consulting

Our senior management team has provided our knowledge and experience with our clients on marina operations, redevelopment, capital investment, marketing and advertising, and customer relations demands. Our management team will travel onsite, working hand-in-hand with our clients. Whether it’s a physical inspection of the marina to evaluate infrastructure, a risk management assessment, or providing capital investment solutions, our team is available to help improve marina operations, investment, and asset value.

Information is everything today. We’re happy to share our 125-years of combined expertise and best practices. Our unmatched experience provides us with a perspective that is impossible to find with any other operation today.

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  • Location assessment
  • Market studies
  • Economic studies
  • Conceptual design work
  • Permitting assistance
  • Construction oversight


  • Site review
  • Compliance review
  • Facility assessment
  • Permitting assistance
  • Construction oversight


  • Valuation of properties
  • Economic modeling
  • Market studies
  • Sales and marketing
  • Financing/refinancing