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Boat Storage Annapolis, MD

When searching for the ideal storage for your boat, several questions will probably come to your mind. How much does a place for boat storage cost? How to find the best boat storage around your place? Should one go for additional space to store boating gear, or can it be kept on the boat? Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned boater, you are likely to dwell on these questions when looking for boat storage. The boat storage cost typically varies and depends on the length of your vessel and the type of storage you choose.

This article will address all the basics of boat storage so that when you are searching for ‘boat storage Chesapeake Bay, MD,’ you can take an informed decision and zero down on the best boat storage facility.

Types of Boat Storage Facility

There are three primary types of boat storage–in-water boat storage, indoor dry boat storage, and outdoor boat storage. As the name says, in-water boat storage means storing your boat in the water. In areas where the weather is temperate and winter is not harsh, keeping the boat in water throughout the year is not a problem. If you keep your boat in its wet slip in harsh winter, you must use an agitator to keep the water around the boat from freezing.

Outdoors boat storage is a popular, safe, and inexpensive option for boaters. A simple search online will give you a list of all the marinas, boatyards, and commercial storage facilities offering this service. If you use your boat throughout the year, outdoor boat storage will appeal to you more. As the name says, indoor dry boat storage is a facility where you can keep your boat covered indoors or undercover. It is an expensive option as it offers your maximum boat safety. Indoor boat storage is for people who take out their boat seasonally.

Most people factor in convenience when choosing the boat storage type. The problem with indoor boat storage is that of towing the boat. Consider the size of the boat, how far your location is from the launch, the cost of towing your boat, etc. If you are spontaneous with your boating trips, then indoor boat storage where boats are kept in slotted tiered racks will not work to your best advantage. It is because it involves a waiting time as a forklift will be needed to take your boat out from storage.

Why Choose Trident Marine Group for Boat Storage Chesapeake Bay, MD

If you are looking for a dry slip to keep your boat off water during the off-season in Chesapeake Bay, MD, you must check out the storage facilities at the marina by the Trident Marine Group. A dry slip will protect your boat from the vagaries of nature like winds and storms, and it will also keep your boat safe from floating debris and corrosion. Since the winters in the Chesapeake Bay are not harsh, the water there is less likely to freeze. They have slips of varying sizes, so whatever your vessel size, you can find the right slip for your boat. They offer world-class services and maintenance for all the boats.

– Renting boat storage with them will ensure maintenance and repair of your boats by experts.

– They have 24*7 shore power hook-ups and mechanics to attend to any problem that may arise.

– With efficient butler services, you can have your boat ready for sailing any time you fancy.

At Trident Marine Group, we are committed to taking care and safeguarding your boat in all circumstances. We have the best boat storage facilities in Annapolis, Maryland, at affordable rates. We have 24 hours security and exclusive on-site amenities like dockage services, complimentary wi-fi, yacht butler, restaurants, etc., to ensure the best experience for our clients. Contact us today for more information.

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