How to Find the Ideal Boat Slip for You

Boat Slip Chesapeake Bay

If you love water sports, particularly boating, you know the significance of a well-planned transient boat slip. Considering the growing number of queries from Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Chesapeake Bay, and Pasadena about good and not-so-good transient slips, we thought to post this. After reading it, you will be able to find the best boat slip for a great boating experience.


The accommodation must be roomy enough to house your yacht or boat. Take note of the length, height, beam, and draft while booking a transient slip. Mind the distance between the walls of the slip. It’s good for you as well as your slip owner. You can effortlessly park in and out of your boat without bumping into the walls.

Hook-Up System

Your boat is subject to climatic factors like gust, heavy downpour, snowfall, etc. Make sure that your transient boat slip is provided with a strong transient hook-up system that can hold the boat or yacht firmly. Hooks are metallic from stainless steel to iron to brass to secure your investment while you take a nap or do something else.

Waterproof Deck Boxes

Deck boxes or lockers are your go-to place to find the repair and maintenance tools. Does your dock box have enough space to hold your big to average to small tools? Availability of a multi-compartment waterproof deck box can be a good choice to keep your things organized and safe from rust.


The ultra-modern Chesapeake Harbour Marina is home to modern transient boat slips equipped with showers, laundry facilities, restaurants, a private beach, fishing piers, tennis courts, and complimentary Wi-Fi. They help you rejuvenate and feel fresh to take the new challenge. Our Yacht Butler serves as your assistant. We are also ready to provide any repair service that your boat may demand.

Dry or Wet Slip

If you searched for transient boat slip near me, you are likely to find two find vendors offering two choices – dry and wet slip. Dry wet slip has shade to keep your asset protected against rain while the wet one is an open-sky one. The price or rental vary accordingly. Depending upon the weather and your budget you can opt for the right one.

Safety and Risk

You should assess the natural and man-made risk factors. Geographical location, depth of the shore, and weather conditions are beyond your control and they may impose severe to moderate risk. The architectural design of the boat slip plays a pivotal role in safety. Make sure its pavement has grips to hold your feet when you board or deboard the boat.

Pickpocketing, theft, or burglary – you won’t love to be at a place that possesses such risks, no matter how low the slip rental is and how good are the amenities there.


Covid-19 has taught us a harsh chapter of cleanliness and we can’t afford to ignore hygiene. Ask upfront about cleanliness or Covid-19 safety-related measures followed by the harbor or boat slip owner.


Customer’s voice matters. Try to find out reviews. Google Transient boat slips near me and you will find a list of Google Business Listings. Click each to know how good is their customer service. Read the good ones but never miss the bad ones that may provide critical insight about the service and facilities offered by the boat slip owner.

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