How to Choose the Best Boat Storage for You

Boat Storage

From unassuming fishing boats to luxury yachts, every vessel needs the right boat storage space for longer life. In fact, you should start looking for boat storage facility as soon as you buy your boat.

It might be possible for light rafts or dinghies to be stored at home but larger boats will require that you own a large tract of land. And even if you do, the trouble and cost of transporting your boat to the nearest bay or marina every time you want to go for a spin is simply a waste. So, how do you keep your boat near the water without worrying about it being stolen or falling prey to the elements?

The answer is simple. Hire an indoor or outdoor storage space from boat storage provider. Here is everything you need to know before you decide upon the best boat storage services for the pride of your life.

1. Location: Clearly, boat storage ought to be as close to the water as possible. Unless you live right by a lake, it is simply not feasible to keep your vessel protected and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

A location consideration should also include where along a bay, or harbor your chosen marina is located. Consider how isolated the dock is from the larger stream or the sea. Are there any strong barriers to tides and surges present? Are there formations, natural or man-made that will protect your boat(s) against strong winds, rains, or floods? Is the geography and the slippage adequate to get access to your boat quickly and easily?

These are a few questions you should ask yourself before you settle on a boat shed or storage.

2. Indoor or Outdoor Boat Storage: Leaving your boat on hard ground (such as in your front yard) during cold weather can damage your boat. You can otherwise leave your boat outside, even when it’s freezing, provided adequate protection is provided to parts sensitive to rust and corrosion. This decision depends also, on how much steel and metal your hull is composed of. Then there’s the question of how inclement the local weather is. Is it sunny, windy, or icy? Long, hard winters mean that you will have to drain fluids from the oil, clean up the engine, cover your boat and preferably, store it indoors. In summers, ensure that there is access to cleaning facilities nearby and keep your boat covered.

3. Consider the Flexibility of the Lease Agreements: Check how flexible your boat storage service’s contractual terms are. If your marina insists on a year-long agreement when you’re only going to keep the boat for the short term, scrap the deal. Take into account how often you’re going to take out your boat. If you’re looking to use your boat only once in a while you ought to consider a storage that offers affordable rates for longer periods of time.

4. Consider the Amenities: A boat is an item of leisure and convenience. It is your sanctuary in times of stress, a place to teach lessons to your children and grandchildren, and a transportable raft for a waterside picnic. If the latter are your primary concerns then take into account the amenities that the storage houses around the area. You may enjoy being able to find a diner right next to the property. If you own a luxury yacht, you would greatly appreciate facilities such as tennis courts or clubhouses along the waterline.

5. Safety and Security: Fences, guards, rails, medical facilities for emergencies, river patrol offices, and other safety services ought to be available on call.

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