How Much Should You Be Spending on Marina Slip Chesapeake Bay?

marina slip chesapeake bay

Here’s What You Should Expect From A Marina Slip in Chesapeake Bay:

  • Why Choose the Chesapeake Bay?

The ecosystem of Chesapeake Bay has a huge impact on its surrounding areas.  Cities like Washington D.C, Baltimore, and Annapolis came about due to the waterways of Chesapeake Bay. Its wetlands and the trees on its shore save the communities in the area from all kinds of extreme weather conditions like floods, erosion, and storm. The bay provides habitat to several species of animals and plants which in turn affect human lives in many ways.

The Bay also is an economic hub of activities like fishing, tourism, shipping, real estate, and more. So, it is imperative to protect the Bay as protecting it also ensures the well-being of the communities and species that are dependent on it. So, you can see the diversity and vibrancy of the bay pull boaters from around the country to explore its course. Stunning sunsets, the nautical history, food, etc., are some of the major attractions of the bay.

  • Marina Slip Charges in the Chesapeake Bay

Depending on the location, facilities, and amenities provided by the marina, the charges for a boat slip in the Chesapeake Bay can vary. You can choose from a floating dock, fixed dock, or covered fixed dock. The charges will vary depending on the length of your boat as well.

What Amenities to Look for in Boat Slip Chesapeake Bay?

Most reputed marina slips in the Chesapeake Bay offer these general amenities to everyone docking their boats into their slips.

– Proper security measures are in place. Pin-code entry at the security gate to access the docks

– Dock water, electric charge point, complimentary W-Fi

– Restroom, shower, and laundry facilities

– Dock carts

– Parking space

– Marine fuel station

– Dinghy docks

– Waterproof dock boxes

Apart from these annual slip holders may enjoy some additional benefits.

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