What You Need to Know About Winter Boat Storage

Winter Boat Storage

As the boating season is nearing a wrap, it is an ideal time for boat owners to think about winter boat storage. Whether you are a seasoned boating veteran or a first-time boat owner, here is a rundown of all the information you need to know about winter boat storage.

What are the Options for Winter Boat Storage?

Depending on how the weather is during the winter season in the region you live in, you can avail of 3 types of boat storage during winter.

In-water Boat Storage

If the place you live in experiences a mild winter, then in-water boat storage can be a viable option for you. Many marinas offer wet slips for winter storage – you can check out some of them in your area. The flip side of leaving the boat during winter is that it can develop blisters, sink or face the ravages of the storm. If water temperature is a concern, it would be best to install a water agitator to keep the water closest to the boat from developing ice. You should keep the boat covered and it must be properly winterized for wet slip boat storage.

Outdoor dry boat storage

Outdoor dry boat storage as the name suggests is storing your boat outdoors in a dry facility. Many marinas offer a dry dock facility to store boats during the off-season. The cons of outdoor dry boat storage are that without proper protection against harsh weather, your boat can suffer damage. You can minimize the chances of such damage by covering your boat properly and winterizing it effectively.

Indoor dry boat storage

Indoor dry boat storage is the best and safest way to store your boat, but it is also the most expensive one. The boats are stored in an enclosed dry dock facility. The inside of the facility is typically climate controlled, so any risk of damage from low temperature, high wind, and snow is ruled out. A little bit of planning is needed when opting for indoor dry storage as you will have to inform the marina in advance when you want to take your boat out.

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