New Year’s Resolutions for Boaters in 2022

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Getting out in the waters with the boat is likely the top new year’s resolution for most boaters. And rightly so! You bought the boat not to keep it docked, but to sail away. If you have not been doing so lately because of the pandemic or any other reason, 2022 is another chance to make a new beginning. If you believe that new year’s resolutions are a passe, then any day is a good day to start again. So why not now? When it comes to boating, one resolution is not enough. Going out in the waters more often is fair enough, but think of ways to make your boating experience better and more rewarding.

In this article, we will help you realize your new year’s resolution of going out in the waters more often and list the things you should do to make your boating experience safer and more fulfilling. So, let’s get started.

Explore New Areas:

If you want to boat more often, then the best way to go about it is by setting a day or a few days in a month when you will set sail, no matter what. You can christen the day as your boating day and mark your calendar accordingly. To keep the feeling of enthusiasm and adventure going, explore areas you have not sailed before. There are so many places in Annapolis you can check out–it is not without reason people often tout Annapolis as the sailing capital of the world. You can check out beaches and the best sandbars around. If boat storage is a concern, search for ‘boat slip near me Annapolis, MD,’ and the search result will present you with many options.

Brush Up Your Boating Skills:

Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a newbie with a boat, there is always something to learn about boating. Technology is evolving fast, and it is always good to brush up on boating skills with some latest courses. Knowledge always makes for a safer boating experience. From learning about basic boat safety, using VHF radio, tying knots to navigating with GPS, there is a lot to explore.

Audit Your Boat for Safety:

The most important step to ensure a safe boating trip is to have your boat equipped with safety tools and equipment. When was the last time you changed your boat flares? And what about life jackets? Do you have enough of them on the boat? Are they worn out with use? Audit your boat thoroughly for any upgrade it might need from a safety perspective. Emergency flares on boats are good for 42 months past, which they need to be replaced. Having your flares updated is a must if you are out in the waters for days. Life jackets are lifesavers, and companies who make these floatation devices are always working on upgrading them and making them comfortable and safe. It is imperative to have properly fitted life jackets for everyone on board, including pets.

Register on EPIRB:

EPIRB stands for ’emergency position indicating radio beacon.’ It is a very handy device to have from a safety perspective. EPIRB is a portable transmitter that can locate boats in an emergency. When you register on EPIRB, the transmitter can help you find your boat’s location using GPS coordinates if you get lost. The device is not expensive per se, but you have to register it properly with the relevant authorities to have the information they need to help you in an emergency. It is an essential device to have on board when you go cruising.

Add Something New to Your Water Toy Collection:

What are you fond of doing when you are out sailing? Angling? Water sports? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your fishing gear and get some new fishing poles. How about getting new snorkeling masks or an inflatable banana boat, or towable tubes. These small updates can add a zing to your boating life and make it more enjoyable.

Safety, fun, and a rewarding boating experience are what all boaters aim for. If you are out with your boat in Annapolis and are looking for a suitable dockage by searching ‘boat dockage near me Annapolis, MD, contact the customer service executives at Trident Marine Group. Call them today for more information.

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