Marina and Boat Slip in Pasadena, MD – Services & Facilities

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The key to finding a good boat dock in Pasadena, Maryland, is booking one in advance. Pasadena is located in close vicinity of Chesapeake Bay, Pasadena, Glen Burnie and Annapolis and offers its visitors some cool waterfront locations. So, it is no surprise that it gets quite busy during the boating season. If you are planning a trip to Pasadena during this time and are searching for transient boat slips near me, you will find the information we share in this article useful, so read on.


Every boat owner wants a secure place to dock his boat so that he can explore the place and enjoy his vacation in peace. You can do a quick online search for ‘boat storage near me’ and you can get a handy list of good marinas in the locality. The question now is what defines a good marina? What are the services and facilities one should look out for when searching for a boat dock in Pasadena?

Characteristics of a Good Marina

 A good marina takes care of your vessel in the best possible way when you are away exploring the locality. Look out for marinas that are located in a decent neighborhood, are well lit, have CCTV surveillance and have the amenities that you would need for a comfortable stay while you dock your boat there. The slips in the marina should be easily accessible and you should be able to maneuver your boat around easily while docking and departing.

You do not have to search far and wide for the best marina in Pasadena. Just check out the marina by the Trident-Marine Group and save your time. The testimonials from their happy clients can vouch for the wonderful docking experience they offer to their customers.

Why Choose the Marina by Trident Marine Group in Pasadena?

It is obvious for you to ask – what makes the marina by Trident Marine Group stand out. The reasons are numerous. Trident Marine Group offers the best-in-class facilities and amenities to enhance the docking experience of boaters. With their excellent onsite services, they have earned a name for themselves among their clientele. Here is a list of services and facilities offered at the marina by the Trident Group.

– Shore power and water hookups

– WiFi connectivity at every slip

– 24/7 gated security

– Bathhouses

– Private Showers

– Laundry facilities

– Onsite mechanic

– Concierge and shuttle services

– Fishing pier

– Private beach access

– Water activities

– Onsite restaurant with dockside bar

– Onsite entertainment and more!


What else could you ask for! The marina by Trident Group lives by the motto, elevate your experience and do their best to live up to it. Their staff is helpful, experienced and professional. Whether you are looking for annual boat slip membership or a transient boat slip in Pasadena, your search ends here. Call them today for more information.


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