Find Best Dry Boat Storage in Pasadena, Maryland

Dry Boat Storage in Pasadena

Pasadena has a vibrant marine scene during the sailing season. It is no surprise that its harbor is teeming with marinas. They offer various boat storage services like boatel, dry storage in stacks, in-slip water storage, etc. Different types of boat storage cater to the different needs of boaters. Some boaters plan impromptu sailing trips and want access to their boats throughout the year – for them, in-slip wet boat storage works best. However, if a boat is in water without use for a long time, the salt water may erode the metal and underside of the boat. There are others who take time off sailing during the off-season and want to securely store their boat in dry storage. All storage options have their pros and cons. The biggest benefit of dry boat storage is that it causes less wear and tear to the boat. If you are looking for tips to find the best dry boat storage in Pasadena, then this article will help.


Boats are one of the most expensive things people buy for recreational purposes. So, it is only natural that you want to store it in the best possible way when it is not in use. Dry storage is good if you sail only during the sailing season and do not mind spending on haulage, gas, and labor to get your boat out in the water again. Dry stack boat storage in marinas is a popular choice among boaters. The marina is responsible for getting your boat out in the water when you need it- you just have to intimate that a little in advance. Dry stack storage refers to a kind of dry storage where your boat is stored in a rack several feet above the ground. The dry stack can be covered or open. Covered dry stack storage offers greater protection to the boat from the vagaries of nature. When choosing dry storage, choose one that is gated and has CCTV surveillance; it ensures safety from vandalism and theft.


For the best boat storage facility in Pasadena, we recommend that instead of doing random searches for boat storage near me, or boat marinas near me, you check out the storage options at the marina by Trident Marine Group. They are a premium marina in town and offer best-in-class dry storage options. Your prized vessel will be kept in the best of conditions in a covered facility and will be given due care. You can also check out their annual and transient slip facilities. Check out their website for more information or you can call them to address any query.

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