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Enjoy A Nice Winter At Chesapeake Bay Harbour

Taking a break from sailing can be a great option for boat health. When you are not using the vessel, keeping it safe is crucial. Boats and yachts are expensive, and maintaining them is very important. Keeping both health and pleasure in mind, you rest easy knowing that your boat/yacht is safe when docking in Annapolis, Maryland. In Annapolis, while most of the state is frozen in winter, you can relax knowing that our Chesapeake Bay Harbour barely witnesses any snowfall. You can keep sailing on your vessel even in the winter months, or dock it and enjoy our luxury amenities that come with the boat slip.

Make every moment count with your loved ones over the calming sound of the water. This is completely possible when you put your boat or yacht to rest in a safe place. Simply bring your boat to Chesapeake Harbour Marina in Annapolis to the Trident Marine Group and we will take care of the rest. The location offers a bunch of marine facilities.

Some Of The Amazing Luxury Facilities At Our Marinas Are:

  • Slip holders are equipped with a butler to take good care of the vessels and all related requirements. You can contact your butler anytime and ask for anything. We will arrange for boat clean-up, maintenance and also make sure your vessel is ready to sail.
  • Storage, repair, and more. We have expert technicians on call 24/7. If your vessel is having issues, Trident Marine Group is more than capable of handling them.
  • Onshore water-body-facing restaurant and bar.
  • In-house swimming pool next to the picturesque bay.
  • Widespread dock with private boat slips.

How To Make The Most Of The Boat Slips During The Winter?

1. Our Marinas Offer Boat Storage And More:
During the cold days of winter, your family can still have the best time possible at the Chesapeake Bay Harbor. The place is loaded with facilities and amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, restaurants, tennis courts, pools, beaches, etc. While you are relaxing on the water, you can seek expert help regarding the maintenance of your boat, no matter how serious. In other words, if your boat accessories have incurred some serious damage, our mechanics can work their magic. While your boat is getting repaired, you can kill time by going for a nice walk or eating delicious food.

2. Go Cruising on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, Maryland
Go cruising with your family, friends, or partners. Boats and yachts are leisure pursuits that aid in seeking inner peace. Furthermore, for couples who are fond of recreational activities, sailing offers the best of both worlds. You get adventure and romance, both at the same time.

For a transient slip for your boat in Annapolis, Chesapeake Harbour Marina is the right place. You can dock your boat, enjoy cruising, or just some good old quality time. Call us today for more information.

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