12 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a Yacht Storage Marina

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Getting a good place to park your boat/yacht is a crucial decision. Unlike finding a parking space for your car, there are many things to consider when choosing a boat slip. Not just the location, and facilities at the marina but also things like weather protection, security, staff, parking, berthing access, and more. And if you happened to search for yacht slips in Annapolis, where marinas are aplenty, read on to how to find the best in the crowd. Let’s discuss the 12 things you must keep in mind when searching for a yacht marina in Annapolis.

What’s Your Budget?

First and foremost, decide how much you are ready to spend on slip rentals. Marinas with high-end facilities will be pricier than those with basic facilities. So, a good way to decide your budget is to think about what are your needs instead of your wants.

The Accessibility of The Marina

Ideally, the marina you choose should be easily accessible for you to go sailing easily. If the marina is several hours distance away and needs you to brave massive traffic to reach there, it can be a deterrent.

Wet Dock or Dry Dock?

Do you need dry boat storage or wet slip storage? Dry storage is usually cheaper and best if you use your boat occasionally. Opt for a wet slip if you are a frequent boater.

How Easy Is It to Dock at the Marina?

If docking and departing from the marina take a special effort, it might ruin your experience. The longer the length of the boat slip, the more room is there for maneuvering the vessel and the easier it is to dock.

How are the Wind and Current at the Marina?

When renting a slip, it is best to study the direction of the prevailing winds and the strength and direction of the current. Ideally, the marina should be sheltered from high wind and sea to avoid any damage to the vessel.

The Safety and Security of the Neighbourhood

Vandalism by miscreants in marinas is not uncommon. So, make sure that you choose a marina in a good neighborhood.

Water Traffic and Congestion at the Marina

High water traffic and congestion at the marina don’t just waste time at arrival and departure, it also increases the risk of collision.

The Staff at the Marina

Experienced, knowledgeable, and helpful staff at the marina can make all the difference to your stay.

Facilities at the Marina:

The amenities and facilities at the marina should be well maintained and must take care of all your basic needs. Shore power, water hookups, dock carts, waterproof dock boxes, private shower rooms, lockers, laundry facilities, etc., are among some of the basic facilities.

Place to Shop and Eat Nearby

There should be some shops nearby to shop for the basic stuff. It is an added bonus if there are some restaurants and places to eat in the vicinity.

What are the Timings at the Marina?

Ideally, the marina must be manned 24X7. There should be dedicated staff on weekends and public holidays as well.

Is the Marina Offering Value for your Money?

The slip rent factors in convenience, location, recency of build, protection, security, facilities, and service. When you have listed the prospective list of marinas, check out if what they are offering is value for your money.

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