The Advanced Guide to Marina Slip in Pasadena

marina slip in pasadena

When buying a boat, it is equally important to finding an ideal slip where you are going to dock and store it when you are not sailing it. Unlike getting a parking space for a car where most parking spaces are standard size, your chosen boat slip should be the ideal size for your boat. Not to mention, a good marina slip in Pasadena comes with a cost, one must think twice to invest. If you are in Pasadena and looking for a Marina Slip or dockage, you have reached the right article for guidance.

Here Are 7 Crucial Factors To Consider For A Marina Slip in Pasadena

1. A secure place for your boat:

Don’t compromise on security when it comes to choosing a boat slip in Pasadena because if it causes harm to your boat or you, it is not worth it. Go for facilities that are well lit, are located in a good neighborhood, and have some security measures in place.

2. What Amenities Does the Marina Offer?

When looking for marina dockage in Pasadena, you must check out the amenities they provide. Some of the basic amenities include electric hook-up for charging the batteries, clean water access, dock carts, lockers to store your things, dinghy docks, waterproof dock boxes, etc. Laundry facilities, shower rooms, and dock steps are some bonus facilities that come in very handy. So, when it is possible to look out for these facilities as well. Also, it should be easy for you to maneuver your boat – the ease of docking and departing from the slip should be taken into account for a good boating experience.

3. What are the rent charges for the slip?

Since renting a marina slip is for the long term, you would want to rent a slip that fits your budget. Private marinas typically provide the best of amenities at affordable rates. Moorings are cheaper compared to slips, but your boat will have to face bad weather conditions and the security of public docks is not up to the mark. List out a few private marinas that fit your bill and compare the charges as well as the facilities they provide. That will help you decide on one.

4. Choose between the wet dock and dry dock

Wet docks are convenient, but their rent is higher as well as they give you the ease of boarding the boat from the dock. For a dry dock, you have to intimate the marina in advance about using the boat. Depending on how often you plan to use the boat and what your budget is, you can make the choice.

5. How is the traffic in the marina?

It is best to avoid a high-traffic marina. First, due to traffic congestion, you will waste a lot of time departing as well as docking. Plus, there are chances of collision if the traffic is not managed well.

6. Accessibility of the Marina Slip in Pasadena:

The route to the marina from your home must not be too long or congested with traffic. In that case, you will end up not using the boat often. So, choose one that is easily accessible from your home.

7. How helpful is the staff at the Marina?

The staff at the marina you choose should be knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. They should maintain cleanliness and abide by the safety rules. If interacting with the staff instills confidence in you, then you are likely at the right marina.

Other factors that you should consider when looking for include if the boat marina is near you. Consider the strength of the current and the wind, the depth of the water, utilities in the neighborhood of the marina like shopping, eateries, etc.

When looking for a Marina Slip in Pasadena, check out the boat slips at the marina by Trident Marine Group. With their excellent facilities, accessible location, you will have a great boating experience with them.

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