Marina in Glen Burnie, MD

Marina in Glen Burnie, MD

With its scenic beauty, marinas, and rich heritage, Glen Burnie in Maryland is a delightful place to visit. There are a lot of fun things to do when you are here. Whether you are fond of sightseeing or like to spend time having a thrilling time in the water, Glen Burnie will not disappoint you. There are many bars and restaurants in the city that you can explore during your visit.

If you are a boater stopping by in Glen Burnie, you would surely be searching for a marina in Glen Burnie or typing in a marina near meWell, you have reached the right place as we have got you covered with all the tips to find a good marina in Glen Burnie. A good marina serves more than one purpose. Of course, the first and the basic need it caters to is to provide a safe and secure place to store your boat. But when you look for a marina for your boat, choose one that ticks on several practical fronts.

Tips to Choose a Perfect Marina in Glen Burnie

A good marina has a penchant for fostering fun on the water. It should have amenities that let you have a shower at the end of a long day, provide internet connectivity, have provision for fuelling up your vessel, stock up on munchies and snacks, and more. When looking for the perfect marina in Glen Burnie, think about your needs on the following fronts.


The marina should ideally be conveniently located and have all the basic amenities for you and your boat. Can you fuel up there? Is a technician for the boat available should a need arise? How is it connected to the rest of the city? Are there places to eat around? Do they provide internet connectivity? All these are small things but can add up significantly to enhance your experience at the marina.


A reputed marina has a good clientele and is a great place to socialize with like-minded people. If you enjoy sharing meals, get-togethers, watching games together, check out the fun quotient of the marina you go for.


Most good marinas offer basic security to the boaters, and it is covered by CCTV surveillance and has gated entries. Some also have attendants at some fixed hours to attend to the need of their clients. When a marina has good security, you have the peace of mind that your vessel is in a secure place, and then you have a fun time away from the water without worry.

The Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard by Trident Marine Group meet all these requirements and more. It is located on the Patapsco River in Glen Burnie and is one of the premium marinas in the locality. With its convenient location, quality services, and affordable pricing, it is the choice of several boaters who rate and recommend it highly. There are 110 floating dock slips, and the marina is situated just 15 miles from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Its location is strategic and lets you skip all the traffic and set sail on water in no time.

The amenities at Nabbs Creek Marina include boatel, wet and dry-stack options for your boat, floating docks, onsite restaurant with bar, slip holder picnic area, private restrooms with showers, laundry facilities, internet connectivity, onsite mechanic, ice delivery, fuelling, and more. Whether you are stopping by in Glen Burnie for a rest day during your excursion, or it is the destination for you during the holiday, the Nabbs Creek Marina and Yacht Yard by Trident Group is a great place for you to store the boat, relax, have fun, and explore the area. Call them today for more information or to make a reservation.

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