Choosing the Right Dry Boat Storage in Chesapeake Bay

Choosing the Right Dry Boat Storage in Chesapeake Bay

Different types of boat storage cater to the different needs of boaters. If you set sail in your boat regularly and want to have easy access to your boat most of the time, wet in-slip boat storage is ideal for you. However, if you are an occasional boater who wants to take care of the boat in the best possible way when it is not in use, dry boat storage is ideal for you. Dry boat storage provides a relatively safe and protective environment for the boat and is relatively less expensive as compared to most other alternatives. Are you looking for dry boat storage in the Chesapeake Bay area? In this post, we will help you find the best marina for a boat slip in the Chesapeake Bay.


The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States and hence attracts sailors and visitors from around the world. Being a waterfront location, there are many options for boat storage. But how to find the best one from the crowd? Dry boat storage comes with a couple of options. Dry stack storage is the dry storage where the boats are stored in racks several feet above the ground, it can be covered or open. But the covered option also referred to as a boatel offers more protection from the elements of nature. Most boaters prefer to use this type of storage in places that experience harsh winter. When choosing a dry storage facility, opt for one that is gated, has secure premises, and is monitored through CCTV.


The Chesapeake Harbor Marina by Trident Marina offers all types of boat storage facilities. It is located near the mouth of the Severn River and is sheltered from high seas and heavy winds. So instead of doing random searches for marina storage near me, marina near me, check out the marina by Trident Marine Group. It is a premier marina in the area with the best amenities and dry storage facilities. Your vessel will be well looked after and will be given the best care in a covered setting. There are options for annual slips as well as transient slips – check out both and see what suits your needs. Log on to their website for more information or call them today for any queries.


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