Boat Slips In Chesapeake Bay For Winter: Trident Marine

Winter Boat Storage- Chesapeake bay, MD

The winter is here and your precious boats and yachts must be stored properly. In case you are one of them who rents a boat slip only when it’s absolutely necessary, winter is that time. Being the largest estuary in the U.S., Boat Slips in Chesapeake Bay is the most popular choice for many. The Chesapeake Harbour Marina is famous for its iconic boating locations with breathtaking sunsets, abundant fishing grounds, and significant nautical history.

Why Choosing Our Chesapeake Harbour Marina For Winter Boat Storage?

Located in a protected basin just South of Back Creek, near the mouth of the Severn River, our marina of the Chesapeake Bay is less likely to freeze. Therefore, it’s always a good option to store your boats here in the winter. Plus with Trident Marine, you can expect world-class maintenance of your vessels. As the southern part of the bay rarely freezes, you may even have the opportunity to take your boat out and enjoy the cool breeze. In case, there is a little ice, you can always use an ice-eater but it is highly unlikely that you would need any.

There are many advantages of choosing to get a boat slip like better storage, maintenance, efficiency, etc. More so during the winter months. If you live in Annapolis or nearby the Chesapeake Bay, especially the northern parts, chances are that you will face the snow. If you store your boat in the backyard or garage, it may become a troublesome job to keep the snow out and away from the boat.

Advantages of Boat Slips by Trident Marine in Winters:

  1. Purchasing a boat slip ensures expert repair and maintenance of your boats and yachts.
  2. You can extend the boating season even in December, January, February and so. With our Chesapeake Bay location, storing or docking your boat in the water is a viable option, even in the winter. Enjoy a winter cruise!
  3. Boats are designed to be in the water. In-water storage provides access to the boat for socializing or working below decks.
  4. We at Trident Marine, are prepared to face the harsh climate, be it storm or ice. We will safeguard your vessel in the best possible way.
  5. We help winterize your vessel’s engine, thru-hulls, etc.
  6. In case, you choose to run some on-board systems throughout the winter, our Shore Power Hookups and 24*7 on-duty mechanics are always there to inspect your shore power cord and dock pedestal for any signs of corrosion or overheating at the plug socket and terminals.
  7. With our efficient yacht butter services, you are assured to get your boat ready to sail at any time, whenever it’s suitable to go for boating.

How Much It Costs For Marina Slip in the Chesapeake Bay?

Depending on the location, facilities, and amenities provided by the marina, the charges for a boat slip in the Chesapeake Bay can vary. So, some research beforehand can save you a lot of hassle. If you live in areas adjacent to the bay and want to rent out a slip on an annual basis. Renting a boat slip annually is often more reasonable than renting for a particular season or a month. You can choose from a floating dock, fixed dock, or covered fixed dock. The charges will vary depending on the length of your boat as well. It is always advisable to talk to the marina directly, over the phone, or visit. You might be able to strike a deal that you are comfortable with by customizations of the services.

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